Many large US companies withdraw ads from Google

The Times said two carriers AT&T, Verizon, car rental firm Enterprise and pharmaceutical giant GSK have pulled millions of dollars of non-search advertising from Google.

Advertising on YouTube is being used to fund terrorism

Earlier, an investigation by the British daily newspaper showed that ads of many major brands in the world were placed next to videos with extremist, violent content on YouTube. They have made a significant income for those who upload these videos.

An investigation campaign in the UK has caused more than 250 brands to withdraw ads on Google. Google later apologized and pledged to improve its tools.

A Walmart ad appears next to an extremist's video.

However, this incident seems to have attracted the attention of the advertising industry in the US. It is causing big problems for Google, as it seeks to reassure brands that their advertising dollars don't go to terrorist pockets.

According to The Times, Verizon's ads appear next to the videos of Wagdi Ghoneim - a pastor who was banned from extremism by the US, and the video of Hanif Qureshi - a Pakistani.

AT&T also said in a statement yesterday: "We are concerned that our ads may appear with hateful content on YouTube. Until Google can ensure that this does not happen again, we will remove all ads on their non-search platforms. "

In a blog post earlier this week, Google Sales Manager Philipp Schindler announced that the company was expanding its hostile content policies.

Asked about the wave of boycotts from US brands, Google said: "We are carefully reviewing our policies and have pledged to make changes to help carriers better control where ads are displayed. We will also raise the standards of our advertising policies to better protect our customers' brands. "

Google is currently the dominant name in the global online advertising segment. Advertising is also their biggest source of revenue. In 2016, the company earned $ 80 billion in revenue from this activity - accounting for nearly 90% of total revenue last year.