Robot dog sold after 10 years of testing, cost more than 70,000 USD

After a long period of testing, Boston Dynamics company officially sold the robot dogs for $ 74,500.

According to Digital Trends, when Boston Dynamics introduced LittleDog in 2009, the world had never seen such an interesting product. At that time, except for smartphones, the global technology industry was still living on software, not hardware.

However, Boston Dynamics takes more than 10 years of upgrades and improvements to LittleDog to become a smooth, vibrant "Spot" Spot. This product is really new, not unlike the assassin robots in the science fiction blockbuster The Terminator of the 1980s.

On the website of the company Boston Dynamics, posted information about the sale of Spot robot dogs for $ 74,500. Each customer can only buy these 2 robots.

After a long time of research, Spot robots have been sold. (Photo: OneZero).

These robotic dogs can run continuously for 90 minutes at a speed of 4.8km / h, open doors, create 3D maps of their home space using LIDAR technology, operate in the rain, check for leaks. gas and many other uses.

According to Boston Dynamics, Spot can also replace people for working in dangerous environments like exploring underground mines or nuclear plants.

Robot Spot can also help a company save 20 hours of labor per week by automatically capturing nearly 5,000 photos on a large construction site.

You can operate Spot like viewing navigation on Google Street View. The robot has a front-facing camera and two side-mounted lenses, which help transmit images of the surrounding environment to the user's computer.

This robot can climb stairs and cross uneven terrain. Boston Dynamics is developing a robotic arm so that Spot can pick up objects.

A construction company has mounted a 360-degree camera on Spot to monitor the working status of workers, to limit delays in the Denver International Airport project (USA).