The Sero - Samsung's first rotating TV

The Sero can flexibly change between horizontal or vertical mode to suit users' needs to watch movies, TV or surf social networks.

In recent years, vertical format content has become popular, filling in black areas on smartphone screens when watching videos, playing games, surfing social networks ... This trend has become an inspiration for Samsung to create models. The Sero TV has a display like a giant smartphone.

The TV is flexible according to the function and demand, can be customized to rotate vertically to display content on phones such as Facebook, Instagram Story or rotate horizontally with movies and TV content. Users can easily play games directly on The Sero TV with 4K image enhancement technology using artificial intelligence (AI) to help recreate content to the 4K standard.

The device also comes with 5 vertical display modes to suit your needs and living space. Specifically, the Clock (Clock) mode makes The Sero a piece in the collection of modern style furniture.

Photo mode helps users show their favorite photos, like family moments or personal portraits. Samsung brings QLED technology to reproduce 100% of the color range with realism close to the actual color.

In Poster mode, the TV when turned off becomes an optional picture according to the owner's preferences.

The Sero screen can also set Cinemagraph animation mode - a highlight to make your apartment come alive. The user also sends a message to his roommate or other visitors through the screen. Whether it's in a bright living room or a bedroom at night, with the ability to automatically optimize brightness and enhance contrast based on video content and ambient light sources, The Sero delivers high-quality display.

Not just the clock, the image, The Sero also equipped with Soundwall mode. Touch the TV border, all content from the phone will quickly show on TV. You can enjoy your favorite music or watch seamless entertainment videos between the two devices in a snap.

In addition, The Sero has a 60-channel 4.1W system with woofers integrated under the stand, so the sound is emitted with loud reverbs, deep bass and thicker.