Timekettle applies AI to the translation headset

Timekettle has unveiled the AI ​​technology WT2 Plus headset, which helps translate 40 languages ​​more accurately at CES 2019.

Automatic translation or machine translation is a combination of language, translation and computer science. As the name implies, automatic translation translates the original language into other languages ​​without any human intervention during the translation process.

AI - the future of translation

However, what makes automatic translation incapable of replacing interpreters is that it can only translate languages ​​based on pre-programmed algorithms and voices. This is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) emerges and changes the game, becoming the future of translation thanks to the ability to self-study and remember.

Automatic translation technology is developing rapidly with the support from AI.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a software system programmed to mimic human thinking and process many times faster, while also understanding the contexts needed to bring it to life. to optimal translation results.

Timekettle has shown that artificial intelligence can help translators achieve perfect results. Thanks to the integration of AI technology, translations are closer to each other in almost instant time. With its adaptability and change, AI learns and upgrades itself from thousands of users and stores them on the server. Based on the feedback of the opposite person, the device will analyze the likely translation of the sentence and give another solution if it encounters the same sentence with the same sound. AI helps gradually eliminate the "misunderstanding" from the speaker, memorize the correct results and self-study so that more and more complete.

WT2 Plus translates in real time

In the largest consumer electronics and consumer electronics exhibition at CES 2019 (USA), Timekettle has unveiled the WT2 Plus earphones with AI technology to help translate 40 languages ​​with more accuracy than ever before. WT2 Plus is a pioneering headset that has been fashioned by AI technology since Timekettle. This is the "right hand" to assist those who are working with customers from many different countries, especially on business trips or long-distance travel.

In addition to integrating modern AI technology, the headset is also equipped with an ARM Cortex-M4 high-tech processing chip to increase processing speed, the faster the translation in plain language will be faster. .

The headset is capable of recognizing speech at a moderate pace and responding to translations almost instantly

According to Mr. Tung (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) - a large logistics company employee, said: "The specific job of working with many foreign customers, WT2 Plus has helped me a lot, not only English, but also the Other languages ​​are also very well translated. "

Convenience is the next highlight on the WT2 Plus, if the common interpreter products on the market force you to give the device to the opposite person to listen by speaker, then with the WT2 Plus, you just need to wear the ear. listen to the main and give extra headphones to the person you want to talk to.

In particular, the headset also supports 6 people with only one smartphone device (with Bluetooth 5.0 or higher), suitable for communication in small meetings.

Currently WT2 Plus has been officially distributed in Vietnam, the product supports iOS 11.0 and Android 7.0 and above - Bluetooth wireless connectivity - compatible with most popular mobile brands. market.