You are using VPS and there are so many inadequacies that you do not want to use it anymore but should switch to which good server to use? Refer to the reasons to switch from VPS to cloud server , make sure you will like cloud server right away.

1. "Real" resources

Providers put multiple VPS on the same physical server, so when a customer on the same node with you needs to use resources higher than they are allowed to use, they will often encroach on your VPS, at this time. , your server will be short of resources and this is a common situation, especially at "peak" hours, many users at the same time.

Unlike VPS, with cloud server this situation will not occur because your resources are not "shared" with anyone, the activities of other customers do not affect your operation, your cloud server.

2. Automatic backup

Ensuring the server is always available 24/24 is what every business wants. However, with this desired VPS is quite difficult to accomplish because VPS is initialized and depends greatly on the physical server, so if the physical server has a problem, your VPS will definitely be greatly affected, maybe stop working immediately.

With high availability, renting cloud server to use, you will not need to worry about this issue anymore. Cloud server works regardless of a particular physical server, so when one machine has a problem, with a modern backup body, other physical servers will automatically replace and ensure the system. Cloud server is always available.

3. Easy to manage

Cloud servers can be accessed anywhere from corporate offices, private houses to roadside cafes, parks ... So you manage cloud servers extremely easily anywhere anytime.

Moreover, cloud server providers also provide their customers with flexible cloud server management measures such as website portal, Remote Desktop API, SSH ... Thanks to that, users manage cloud server conveniently. more useful.

4.High performance

Cloud computing technology is based on the distribution structure, taking advantage of "idle" resources in one place to focus on solving jobs in other places in need. With such a principle, the performance of cloud server is extremely high and of course much higher than VPS.