A Final Note Just Before The Eos Mainnet Launch

This is a chart of all the announced Dapps and Airdrops that will be coming on to the Eos network.

You can get a better grasps on all the different Apps here.

This is such an exciting time to be watching the Genesis block come into existence. This just means that even just 1 token can lead to thousands of tokens and airdrops distributed free to your EOS wallet in the immediate future.

I venture to predict that EOS will displace Bitcoin (BTC) as the biggest market cap coin before the year is out.

1) All the airdrops above will spur the FOMO crowd. There is nothing more bullish than the FOMO push.

2) Most launch coins experience an initial selloff. EOS will be different. the success of the launch will bring in many investors who do not want to risk a failed launch. When successful the demand will be bigger than the supply.

3) This article is quite revealing about the true nature of EOS tokens. One billion tokens may sound like a huge amount for the value to reach $1000 or more but in reality many of these tokens will be tightly held.

All the Dapps will airdrop and following the airdrop will need to purchase EOS tokens in order to run their apps on the EOS platform. Watch this video


4) Finally watch this video for the live EOS launch


I will update this post as the launch progresses.

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