A Heads Up For EOSdac

A note about investments.

Investors put money into a security either for a return or capital gain. Most of us will be familiar with stocks and shares in private or public companies.

With the advent of blockchain companies small investors other than startup investors were able to invest in companies like Bitpay and Coinbase through investment aggregators like Bank To The Future.

Fast forward and the token ICOs on the Ethereum platform were all the rage.

The next phase will be airdrops on the latest blockchain platform EOS. EOSdac is the first.

EOSdac is currently 15 Cents and 104 on Coinmarket Cap. It has increased in price quite quickly since the EOS mainnet went public last night.

Owning EOSdac is owning a share in a decentralised block producer as EOSdac sits firmly at number 3 on he EOS block producer list. It stands to reason that EOS holders are likely to vote EOSdac as a block producer because they all hold EOSdac tokens from the Airdrop on 15 April 2018. We can expect EOS to maintain its’ position as one of the 21 Block Producers.

Financial Reward
With the block producers actually producing blocks we can make accurate calculations.
EODdac earns on average 900 EOS a day

EOSdac Block Reward  900 @ $11X 360 = $3,564,000

The circulating supply based on Coinmarket Cap is 660755177  add the 300,000,000 held by developers and we get a total supply of 960,755,177 tokens

Earnings per token is therefore = 0.0037 cents or@ 13.1 cents = 2.83% Annual Return

This would mean that the market have priced the token appropriately

We can expect that the price of EOSdac will be directly proportional to the price of EOS

Looking at it another way.

900 EOS a day = 328500 EOS per year = 0.00034 EOS per year per token
10000 EOSdac = Cost $1000 = Returns 3.4 EOS PA = No End Limit
1 Bitmain S9 = $1400 = uneconomic after 6 month = Will never recover cost

Price Upside

The price of EOSdac will directly correlate with the price of EOS which is expected to rise as the airdrops and Dapps start operating on the EOS platform.

Bitfinex and Binance have not started trading EOSdac so I would expect the price to increase when they do. You can trade EODdac on CoinEx.

Price Downside

EOSdac drops out of the 21 block producer status.

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