The most interesting facts about Bitcoin

Bitcoin was born in 2009. Over 10 years of development, the Bitcoin network is growing and producing many new millionaires and billionaires. But, among many people who get richer thanks to Bitcoin and pro-traders / investors; Many people still do not have basic knowledge about this currency. Here are the 5 most interesting facts about Bitcoin that a trader or a professional cryptocurrency investor should not ignore.

A hacker made 184 billion bitcoins in 2010

On August 15, 2010, an anonymous hacker attacked the Bitcoin Blockchain, creating 184,467,440,737,09551616 BTC! This happened in the 74638 block. Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, quickly solved this problem. Version 0.3.1 has been released within 5 hours of the incident, preventing the creation of Bitcoin through this vulnerability. The 184 billion Bitcoin created after that was erased.

The chain created from BTC version 0.3.1 has become the main Blockchain people use today.

Bitcoin is the father of 430 altcoins

As of the time wrote the article, 2,651 cryptocurrencies appeared on the market. Interestingly, however, 436 of these came from Bitcoin via direct or indirect branches.

The exact names of altcoins, along with their origins, have been described by Map of Coins. Bitcoin branches always tried to upgrade to keep up with BTC but always failed. In it, Bitcoin Cash is the most prominent example.

The first Bitcoin reward system pays 5 BTC per visitor

“Bitcoin faucet” is a reward system, operating in the form of websites or applications. The platform will issue rewards in the form of satoshi, the currency unit of Bitcoin. Visitors receive this reward through the completion of a captcha or website request.

Gavin Andresen created the first system in June 2010. At today’s prices, his payout is extremely generous, equivalent to 5 BTC per visit. His goal was to promote the Bitcoin application at the time.

More than 732,000 addresses own at least 1 BTC

According to statistics, only 732,982 wallet addresses hold more than 1 Bitcoin. Compared to more than 20 million existing wallet addresses, that number makes up a very small fraction. Each of the top 100 addresses has accumulated a significant amount of Bitcoin. It seems that the majority are thinking that Bitcoin will become a leading store of value in the near future. Because only a handful of these accounts have cash outflows.

Satoshi is not the smallest unit of Bitcoin

The last interesting fact about Bitcoin will surprise you completely. A lot of people think that Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. In it, 1 Satoshi is equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC. But, in reality, we have even smaller units currently used in the Lightning Network, called Millisatoshi (MSAT). And Millisatoshi master by 1 millionth of Satoshi.

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