Merry Cryptmas Gift!

Merry Cryptmas!

Ehehehe. You know me, I love my stupid, “how is that even related” gifs!

It’s Christmas, so sexy elfs dancing! Isn’t that acceptable?

Okay Billy Bob, chill out!

Anyway, this Cryptmas I wanted to give away my favourite crypto trade idea.

DigixDAO (DGD)

Unfortunately, I am NOT going to explain or tell you why I think that it is such a fantastic trade idea… yet.

I’m just putting this idea now as a timestamp of my genius (or also how I screwed up big time).

I have mentioned it several times in my blog before though. They are creating a stablecoin based on gold, which is extremely important in the crypto ecosystem.

For full disclosure, I hold a shit ton of it. Like, a lot. A lot. Alot. My biggest holding, more than BTC, more than ETH.

If you think I’m not shilling this for my own benefit and I genuinely want to share what I believe is the best trade of 2017 for 2018, then you should do your own diligence and research into this extremely overlooked crypto. I think that you will find plenty of interesting things about it, especially if you understand what a DAO does and how much DigixDAO has in their DAO. I’m not going to do your homework for you, but my best hint is that reddit has a lot of infomation and previous discussion about it.

I’m planning to share my full investment thesis on DGD hopefully by sometime in mid January.

Anyway, Merry Cryptmas again!

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