When Lambo?

yo if the market is getting to you and you’re thinking of quitting, you absolutely should, you fucking pussy.

— cachemoney (@CacheBoi) February 21, 2018

I’ll be really busy the next week or 2, basically a forced hodl for me.

But I’ve some drafts near completion that I can post if I have the time to finish cleaning them up.

Seriously though, a lambo in SG?
I rather take half of its value in cold hard cash.
10% discount if you can pay by crypto.
Extra 5% discount if it’s Monero.

Btw, I opened (yet another) long position at $378.
I’ve also opened my first ever *crypto leveraged long* at $377.
Stop loss under $150.
Come and get it boys.

I really don’t like using leverage, but these kind of opportunities don’t come too often.

What’s the worst that could happen guys? Just lose money lor.

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